Things to Take on a Cruise

Some essential things to take on a cruise

things to take on a cruiseDeciding on the essential things to take on a cruise can be quite a task for any first time cruisers that do not know really what to expect. A lot of the time when going on a vacation common sense tends to fly out of the window when it comes to the packing part. People (especially women – (sorry ladies :-) )) seem to invent scenarios where practically all of their clothes that they own can be worn while on vacation, so inevitably they all end up in one, two and sometimes three suit cases. It’s as if the thought – “when in doubt – take everything! overpowers every sensible thought in our heads.

So what are the best things to take on a cruise?

The first thing to try and comprehend when going on a cruise and the things to take on a cruise, is that these ships, especially the newer mega liners, are floating cities. They are self contained towns floating on the sea that are full of shops, bars, restaurants…and more shops!

Of course you do not want to buy everything you need while on the ship, that is just a waste of money. But the point I am trying to make is that don’t panic about every little detail that you think you might, or might not need while on the ship. The chances are that if you are thinking that you might not need it, then you probably won’t, and if you find out you do when you get there…that’s right, you can buy it on the ship.

Most cruises like to incorporate at least one, sometimes two formal nights during the voyage. For this you will need smart formal wear. For the gentleman, a suit or dinner jacket and trousers, or a tuxedo will be ideal. If you don’t have any of those, and you don’t fancy spending a few hundred dollars getting one that will only be worn once or twice while you are away then don’t worry. A lot of the cruise lines will rent these out while you are on-board. Check out with the customer service of the line you are sailing on before you leave. Ladies, you will need a cocktail dress or formal gown if you have one. Again these can be rented in many cases if you don’t own one.

You should always take a pair of shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Most cruises have a lot of tours available for you to go on, and a lot of them require a bit (or a lot in some cases) of walking. It would be a shame to ruin a great tour because you had the wrong footwear. Unless you are going to Alaska, then you should also take all the appropriate beach items including sunscreen (choose a high factor of at least 30 if you are not used to the sun), sunglasses, swimming wear and flip flops.

Another of the best things to take on a cruise with you is an empty bag, as you will always come back with more stuff than you took with you. These cruises take you to a lot of different destinations, and the locals at all of these destinations will always know when your ship will be there and they will be there waiting for you the second you step off the ship and will try to sell you all kinds of things from hats, t-shirts, local crafts, more t-shirts, cigars, food, drinks, and yet more t-shirts! Although you will hurry straight by a lot of them, you will invariably succumb to the relentless pressure piled on you by these happy, yet very persuasive locals.

When thinking of things to take on a cruise, do not let the idea of taking any food or drink with you enter your head cruise lineseven for a second. You will see when you get on-board that there will be enough food there to feed a small country, and enough drink to fill a reservoir. You will see why though, as many of the passengers make it a personal mission to try and eat and drink everything on the ship to get their money’s worth.

If you are a light sleeper then one of the important things to take on a cruise is a pair of ear plugs. Ships are full of strange sounds that you never hear in your house. Even if the sounds are fairly quiet, the fact that you are not used to hearing them while you are trying to sleep will make them more obvious and appear louder. Things such as the cabin creaking and the waves hitting the side of the ship. These are all normal sounds to hear on a ship, but the will seem strange at first, so if you want to ensure a good night’s sleep then a pair of earplugs will certainly help.

These are just a few ideas to help you in your packing efforts and to decide what are the best things to take on a cruise.