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royal caribbean cruise lineIf you are looking for breathtaking ships that take up the whole of the skyline, then look no further than Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This is what they do, this is how they have engraved their name deeply into the cruise industry. RCCL strive to have the biggest and most modern ships afloat on the seven seas, and they do this very well. If any other cruise line dares to try and make a ship that is bigger and better than any of theirs, they just go back to the drawing board and make something even bigger!

But Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is not just about size. They have not become as successful as they are just by building big ships. They offer competitive rates, itineraries all over the world, unique onboard experiences and guest service and entertainment to rival most other large cruise lines. But it is their onboard facilities and goliath size ships that make them stand out from the crowd.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line are in a league of their own when it comes to onboard entertainment


Swimming pools have always been an essential addition to a cruise ship. But when you start adding wave making machines and surfing to the pools it adds a whole new dimension of entertainment. Add to that waterparks, Rock RCCLclimbing walls, ice skating rinks, mini golf courses, and even a boxing ring, then you can see why Royal Caribbean Cruise Line stands out from the crowd.

Inside their ships you are greeted with a vast atrium that is designed to look like a street, with shops, bars and restaurants on both sides. Some of the internal cabins overlook the atrium and help to enhance the overall atmosphere of the place. This literally makes it seem like it is a floating city, with that communal feel as people mingle on the street and enjoy a drink at one of the many bars dotted around.

RCCL currently have 22 ships in their fleet. They offer different classes of vessel, ranging from their latest (and largest) ‘Oasis Class’, which consists of two sister ships, the Oasis of the Seas and the Allure of the Seas. These two massive ships are the largest vessels sailing on the seven seas today. In fact, they are the largest by a long way weighing in at a massive 225,282 gross tonnage, with a maximum guest capacity of 6360, 2700 state rooms, 16 decks high, and boasting a length of 1187 feet. The amazing statistics go on and on, but you can start to see how Royal Caribbean Cruise Line have made themselves stand out from the crowd.

They also boast the Freedom and Voyager class vessels, that weigh in at 154,407 and 137,276 gross tonnage respectively. They do also have some older class ships that were big in their time, but almost pale into insignificance compared to their most modern ships. The older ships in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line fleet tend to do the world wide itineraries such as Europe and Asia.

RCCL are now the second largest cruise line in the world, second only to the mighty Carnival Corporation. Had it not been for Carnival Corporation’s last minute aggressive bid to merge with the Princess Cruise Line in 2003, then Royal Caribbean Cruise Line would now be the largest cruise operator, but the Carnival bid was successful, and the rest is history.

But Royal Caribbean Cruise Line will continue to amaze the cruise industry with their immense ships and incredible onboard facilities.