Princess Cruise Lines

Information about Princess Cruise Lines


Princess cruise lines has established its place in the cruise line industry by striving to takes its passengers to every princess cruise linescontinent on earth while providing the highest level of guest service. It does this very well, and its fleet of 16 ships consists of some of the largest and most beautiful ships currently sailing on the seven seas.

What makes Princess Cruise Lines stand out from the rest


Some of the larger ships in the Princess cruise lines fleet weigh over 100,000 tones and hold over 3000 passengers and 1100 crew. Although they are big in size, they certainly do not lack in any style and elegance. The massive interiors are full of fine dining restaurants that would fit in well to any 5 star hotel in the world (which is where they effectively are). They have many different lounges and bars situated all over the ship, some large and grand while others are more quiet and intimate.

Unique to some of the Princess cruise lines ships is their amazing ‘Movies under the Stars’. This features a huge HD screen on the outside decks. During the day they sometimes show sports events and in the evenings they schedule movies and put deck chairs around the pool, blankets so people can cover up in the evenings and also they serve pop corn and drinks.

Princess cruise lines has been able to cement its place firmly in the cruise industry due to their ability to listen to their needs of their guests, and constantly change to meet their demands. Their strive for excellence ensures they have a very high return rate from passengers that sail on their ships. They have also introduced a very successful guest service initiative in the last few years called C.R.U.I.S.E, which is an acronym for: Courtesy – Respect – Unfailing – In – Service – Excellence.

The Princess cruise lines brand was actually born in 1965. They have had many years to fine tune their product and been through different ownerships. It was in 2003, when it looked like they were going to be bought by RCCL (Royal Caribbean Cruise Line). But at the last minute CCL (Carnival Cruise Lines) came in with a very aggressive bid that was very hard to ignore. Although many of the major PCL shareholders were against the merger, it did eventually go through. This transformed Carnival Cruise Lines into Carnival Corporation and PLC, and they are now the largest cruise line in the world due to this merger.

Princess cruise lines has been one of the industry leaders for many years now