Carnival Cruise Ships

Information about all of the Carnival Cruise ships

There are currently 23 Carnival Cruise ships, with the latest addition the Carnival Magic, just on its inaugural voyage at the time of writing this post. The 23 Carnival Cruise ships all fall under 7 different classes of ship. Carnival have been building new ships almost every year for the last fifteen to twenty years, sometimes more than one is built a year. While some of the Carnival Cruise ships are very big and certainly included in the category of “mega ships”, they haven’t tried to keep up in the race for the biggest cruise ship, which Royal Caribbean have dominated over the last few years. But the Carnival Cruise ships continue to impress all of those that sail on them.

The different classes of Carnival Cruise ships

Below is a list of the 7 different classes that the 23 Carnival Cruise ships fall under:

– Fantasy Class (8 ships)
– Destiny Class (1 ship)
– Triumph Class (2 ships)
– Conquest Class (5 ships)
– Spirit Class (4 ships)
– Splendor Class (1 ship)
– Dream Class (2 ships)

Now listed below are all of the Carnival Cruise ships in their different classes:

Fantasy Class:

– Carnival Fantasy
– Carnival Ecstasy
– Carnival Sensation
– Carnival Fascination
– Carnival Imagination
– Carnival Inspiration
– Carnival Elation
– Carnival Paradise

The Fantasy class has the oldest Carnival Cruise ships in the fleet, and the Carnival Fantasy is the oldest ship in the Fleet. All of the ships in the Fantasy class weigh in at 70,367 gross tons and when the Fantasy was launched in 1990 it was one of the largest cruise ships in the world.

Carnival Cruise ships

Carnival Fantasy

Destiny Class:

– Carnival Destiny

The Destiny class only has the one ship, and the classes namesake, the Carnival Destiny. When the Carnival Destiny was launched in 1996 it broke a lot of major records as not only was it the largest cruise ship ever built, but it was also the first cruise ship to break the 100,000 ton mark, weighing in at 101,353 tons. She is still one of the most popular of all of the Carnival Cruise ships.

Carnival Destiny

Carnival Destiny

Triumph Class:

– Carnival Triumph
– Carnival Victory

The Carnival Triumph was launched in 1999, and the Victory a year later in 2000. The two Triumph class ships are very similar to the Destiny class, only they have one extra deck. They both weigh in at 101,509 tons.

Carnival Triumph

Carnival Triumph

Conquest Class:

– Carnival Conquest
– Carnival Glory
– Carnival Valor
– Carnival Liberty
– Carnival Freedom

The Conquest class ships all weigh in at 110,000 gross tons. The Carnival Conquest was  launched in 2002, with the additional ships in this class being added in 2003 (Carnival Glory), 2004 (Carnival Valor), 2005 (Carnival Liberty) and 2007 (the Carnival Freedom).

Carnival Conquest

Carnival Conquest

Spirit Class:

– Carnival Spirit
– Carnival Pride
– Carnival Legend
– Carnival Miracle

The four Carnival Cruise ships in the Spirit class did not follow on the trend of being bigger than their predecessors. All four were built to Panamax form factor, which meant they were designed to fir through the Panama Canal. The larger classes of Carnival Cruise ships such as the Conquest, Triumph and Destiny were all too large to fir through the Panama canal, so this really restricted their movement and possible itinerary placements. With the Spirit class being able to fir through the canal, this opened up a whole new range of itineraries for Carnival Cruise line, including the Mexican Riviera, Alaska and Hawaii.

Carnival Spirit

Carnival Spirit

Splendor Class:

– Carnival Splendor

The Carnival Splendor is the only ship in this class. Although it is referred to as the “Splendor Class”, it is actually the “Concordia class” in which it really resides in. The Concordia class was designed for Costa Cruises, which is owned by Carnival Corporation and PLC. There are five Costa ships in this class, and the carnival Splendor was the only Carnival ship built to the same specifications. The ship weighs in at 113,300 and is very similar in design to the Conquest class ships but it has just had some of the upper decks redesigned.

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor

Dream Class:

– Carnival Dream
– Carnival Magic

The newest and largest of the Carnival Cruise ships, the Carnival Dream and the just released Carnival Magic weigh in at 128,000 gross tons each. The Carnival Magic is now the new Flagship of all of the Carnival Cruise ships and after its initial cruises in Europe it will relocate to its new home-port of Galveston. In June 2012, there will also be a new addition to the Dream Class as the Carnival Breeze is due for its inaugural sailing then.

Carnival Cruise ships have long been favorites amongst new and repeat passengers. They certainly know the industry and their target market very well and really deliver a very high quality end product.

Carnival Cruise ships are very well designed and offer a great deal to any passenger that sails on them.