Cruise Lines List

Cruise Lines List – Information on the top Cruise Lines

cruise lines listThis cruise lines list is compiled of the biggest and most popular cruise lines in the world today. The cruise line industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate, seeing a compound annual growth rate of 7.67% from 1990 to 2011. In this time we have seen some of the bigger lines merge to become a massive corporation, such as Carnival Corporation & PLC, and some of the smaller lines fall by the way side as they could not keep up with the competition any more.

Cruising has always been a massive favorite with North Americans, and US passengers have dominated the cruising market for a long time now. But we are seeing an expanse in European passengers, and also more from other areas of the world such as Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Central and South American countries. The cruise lines list continues to grow as new companies do emerge and try to find their place in this hugely competitive market.

What we have seen over the last five years or so, and what has been very beneficial for the consumer, is the level of competition has gotten so high that it has forced cruise lines to really start thinking out of the box to try and etch their place in a particular niche market. We have seen new guest service related programs implemented on some lines, such as the C.R.U.I.S.E program (Courtesy – Respect – Unfailing – In – Service – Excellence) used on Princess Cruise Lines. This has ensured that the onboard crew are highly trained and motivated to provide the best possible cruise experience for the guests so each line can try and forge long term relationships with their passengers.

There could be many ways to compile a cruise lines list, including itinerary, demographic and price range. But to try and give a broader insight into the most popular lines around today we have made this cruise lines list by listing the fleets with the greatest number of ships. Some of these fleets operate under one larger umbrella corporation, but we have listed them all separately to give a better indication of their size.

Here is the top 10 Cruise Lines List:

Carnival Cruise Line – currently has 23 ships in its fleet

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line – currently has 22 ships in its fleet

Princess Cruise Line – currently has 16 ships in its fleet

Costa Cruises – currently has 15 ships in its fleet (This still includes the Costa Concordia, as it has still not been determined whether the ship will be salvaged after it ran aground in January 2012)

Holland America Line – currently has 15 ships in its fleet

Norwegian Cruise Lines – currently has 11 ships in its fleet

Celebrity Cruise Line – currently has 10 ships in its fleet

P&O Cruises – currently has 7 ships in its fleet

Star Cruises – currently has 4 ships in its fleet

Disney Cruise Line – currently has 3 ships in its fleet

This cruise lines list has been updated as of early 2012, and will change over the course of the remainder of this year and next as some lines add new ships to their fleet